Chicco Red Bullet Balance Bike | Budget Balance Bike For 3 Year Old

Chicco Red Bullet Balance Bike | Budget Balance Bike For 3 Year Old

The Chicco Red Bullet Balance Bike is recommended for kids aged 3 and above. The Chicco balance bike has an ergonomic design that is ideal for kids to learn balance and steering.

If you are looking for a budget balance bike without compromising any quality then the Chicco Red Bullet will be an excellent choice.

Chicco Red Bullet Balance Training Bike Review

Specs At A Glance

Seat Height: 13” x 15”.
Handlebar Height: 22” (From ground).
Weight: 6lbs.
Maximum Weight Capacity: 55lbs.
Frame Type: Metal.
Tires: Puncture-resistant foam tires.
Tire Size: 10″
Recommended Age: 3+
Brakes: None.
Footrest: None.
Available Colors: Red.

The Chicco Red Bullet makes it very easy for kids to start riding a real bicycle at an early age. The lightweight frame and ergonomic design make it much easier to handle, maneuver and glide. Let us have a look at a more in-depth review of the Chicco red bullet balance training bike.Chicco balance bike is perfect for a 3 years old kid. Chicco baby bike comes with red and pink color. The seat height of Chicco balance bike is 13” x 15” which is comfortable for a toddler. The handlebar is 22″ from the ground and easy to control. The best part of Chicco baby bike is its weight. The  Chicco red bullet balance bike weight is only 6lbs which is very lightweight. Maximum weight capacity is 55lbs. Chicco balance bike comes with metal frame and foam tires which is puncture proof.

Features Of Chicco Red Bullet Balance Bike

Chicco Red Bullet Balance Bike


Chicco gives more of a real bike feel to your kids. This isn’t like the other balance bikes in the market. The frame is all-metal which gives it the vibe of an actual pedal bike. This balance bike looks just like a pedaled bike only without the pedals. Your kids will definitely love this bike a lot.

This is also a simply designed bike. The metal frame also adds a little weight to this bike. This weight is good for balancing and steering.Your kids will definitely love this bike a lot. This is also a simply designed bike. The metal frame also adds a little weight to this bike. This weight is good for balancing and steering.

Ergonomic Design

Perhaps the best thing we love about this bike is the design. It has a pretty classic minimal design. This one focuses only on the bike itself. They didn’t add all the optional features like brakes, bells, and footrest. They are not necessary for a balance bike. The true purpose of a balance bike is to teach kids how to balance, steer, and coordinate.

By taking the distractions and complications out of the way of the way, your child can focus only on learning the basics of riding a two-wheeled bike.The true purpose of a balance bike is to teach kids how to balance, steer, and coordinate.


This bike has puncture-resistant foam tires. They are good for indoor and outdoor use. They are maintenance free tires that won’t go flat. But there is also a downside to foam tires. They don’t offer good traction like air tires. Most bikes in this budget come with foam tires. If you want air tires you have to go for the higher end bikes.

There are also some benefits in having foam tires on a balance bike. They have low drag resistance, they weigh less, and they will also offer a comfortable ride on difficult terrains. Most parents actually prefer foam tires because they don’t have to go to the repair now and then to fix a punctured tire.


The seat and also the handlebar is easily adjusted. You won’t need any tool to adjust the height setting. The minimum seat height can be set to 13 inches and can be extended to 15 inches. The minimum seat height allows even a 2.5 year old kid to sit and ride comfortably on this bike. They do recommend it for 3 year old kids. It would be better if there was a way to adjust the seat a little bit taller so that older kids could ride it.


The appearance of this bike is quite eye catching. It has only one color option. The Red-hot design makes the bike stand out from the rest. This bike looks more of a regular bike than a balance bike.


This bike has padded seat and the handlebars also come with rubber grips. This bike is very comfortable to ride and this is one the main reasons kids love riding this one. The handlebar is wider than most balance bikes we have seen.

This is great for steering more precisely. There is also another benefit of having a wide handlebar, it’ll eliminate the fatigue that comes with long riding sessions. The seat is also wide enough for your child to fit easily.


The all metal frame of this bike made it one of the most long-lasting balance bike in the market. At this price range, this is the most durable balance you can get your hands on. The tires on this bike are also durable.


The assembly of this bike is pretty simple. Slide in the handlebar and the seat post, adjust tires and you are all done. It also comes with a ranch for assembling the bike. To be honest, the ranch they provide is pretty useless. Just use your own socket ranch and you’ll be glad you did.


In terms of performance, the Chicco red bullet meets all of our expectations. The all metal frame body, the durability, the riding experience is quite similar to most high-end brand balance bikes. We could say this is one of the best entry level balance bikes for your kid.


This is the best budget friendly balance bike we have had our hands on. The Chicco doesn’t come with any optional features. This bike is certainly cheaper than most other balance bike but it doesn’t look cheap. This will certainly be a nice first bike for your child to learn the basics.

In A Nutshell

Things we liked about this bike:

  • Eye catching paint.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Comfortable seat & handlebars.
  • Wide handlebar.
  • Budget friendly.

Things we didn’t like about this bike:

  • The paint isn’t scratch proof.
  • Too small for a 5 year old kid.

Other Balance Bikes

There is also another model of this bike. The Chicco Balance Bike Pink Arrow. This is lighter than the Chicco red bullet and is recommended for a two year old.


The Chicco Red Bullet Balance bike is recommended for a 3 year old kid, which means you have to consider the safety of your child too. They will glide past you at a jogging speed and sometimes they’ll go so fast that you can’t even catch up to them.

This is why we would recommend you get some additional safety gears like the Bell Cars Helmet which fits perfectly on any 3 – 5 year old kids.

You can also go for the Schwinn Child’s Pad Set with Knee Elbow and Gloves as it will protect your child’s hand, knee, and elbow. For more safety features, we would recommend you have a look at our best bike helmet for toddlers review. Safety gears are essential for a kid.

Final Thoughts

The Chicco Red Bullet Balance bike rides like a real bike feels like a real bike to a toddler. This bike is lightweight yet sturdy. The minimal design, the red hot paint job that is attractive to both boys and girls makes it a decent offering for the price. If you have a 3 years old kid, then Chicco bike will be the right choice, cause Chicco red bullet is the best balance bike for 3 years old. Let us know what you think of the Chicco Balance Bike review in the comments below.

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